F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.

Hilltop AO is located in East Roseville at Harry Crabb Park.

This AO offers basketball courts, access to miner’s ravine running trail, a hill we love to hate, natural coupons (rocks), a beach volleyball sand pit, and as much grass as you might need. Hilltop was named because it is in an area that has the highest elevation in the City of Roseville.

At the top of any hill you have climbed, you can look behind you to see all the effort, and endurance, discipline, and sacrifice it took to get you up the hill and that mirrors our lives and our journey in F3.

Below are some photos showing some of the more punishing features of Hilltop.

Hilltop is the only AO in all of Gold Rush to feature a crustacean water feature.

Crab walks mean something different at this AO.

There is one main parking lot and the group meets right near the parking lot but here is a quick map for those that need it. Click the map to be taken to google maps for directions.

Photos of some previous workouts