F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Soggy Churros

Soggy Churros

Q: VQ BabyBack

Pax in Attendance:

  • Ponch
  • KJV
  • Baller
  • Bandwagon
  • ConAir
  • Birthdaysuit
  • Chuck E.
  • Foghorn

Warm-A-Rama SSH (IC) x20
Seal Jacks (IC) x20
Smurf Jacks (IC) x20
Plank Jacks (IC) x20

The Thang Mosey
1 mi Do-ah-Diddy w. 10 merkins, 10 prisoner squats
Grabbed surprise coupons from truck
Cornfed 1-2-3 // 2 PAX team
PAX1 executes reps
*100 merkins w. coupon
*200 overhead squats w. coupon
*300 coupon curls
*Sprint 25 yards, army crawl 15 yards, sprint back to PAX1

Mary Slow mosey around volleyball dunes
Sandy tunnel of love x 10 min


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