F3 Gold Rush
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Dinghy’s Thinghy

Dinghy’s Thinghy

Q: Dinghy

27 PAX

27 Pax decided to forego the iron pax challenge, little did they know Thunderhill was open for business!

7:00 – circle up, credo, mission statement and disclaimer.
Warm up – toe touches, windmills and arm circles in cadence

Mosey to thunderhill – stop at rock wall for 20 dips and 20 merkins

Continue mosey to thunderhill

@ thunderhill in pairs Noah’s ark style
Hill sprints light to light – walk back
Lunges light to light – walk back
Bear crawl light to light – walk back
Berne Sanders light to light – walk back
Rinse and repeat 3 X

Mosey back to flags – stop at Starbucks for 20 merkins and mountain climbers in cadence
back at the rock wall for 20 dips and 20 derkins in cadence

Picked up Cargo

Back at the flags circle up for
-low dollys in cadence
-LBC in cadence
-American hammers in cadence

In 5 lines of 5 – Sprint, lunges, bearcrawls and Berne sanders to the yellow short bus and back – 2x

5 core principles and COT – Fitness only works with action, fellowship only works with action, so also Faith only works with action. Challenged pax’s as third FQ to look for an opportunity to serve.

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