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Golden Birthday Beatdown – Spartan 30

Golden Birthday Beatdown – Spartan 30


Q: Razzmatazz

PAX: 15

  • Psalty
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Sereno
  • Dimple
  • Vespa
  • Offshore
  • Schwartz
  • Soft Kitty
  • Tent
  • Sancho
  • Bartman
  • Thumper
  • Tech Deck
  • Banjo


Side straddle hops x15 IC
Grady Corn x15 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
Hairy Rockettes x15 IC

The Thang:

1 mile run
20 merkins
20 burpees
20 mountain climbers
20 side straddle hops
20 squats
20 forward lunges
20 hand release merkins
20 jump squats
20 plank up downs
20 shoulder taps
1 mile run
20 knee slap mountain climbers
20 back lunges
20 glute bridge raises
20 dips
20 decline merkins (single leg raised)
20 single leg squat
20 calf raises
20 second high plank
20 second 6 inch leg hold
20 second iso squat
1 mile run
— If you finish towards the front, rest, then pickup the 6 —


5 Core Principles
Count-O-Rama & Name-O-Rama

QIC Words: Thank you for celebrating 30th bday beatdown with me. Wanted to get in the best shape of my life as I turned 30. Spartan races are what I’ve been using to train for with endurance and strength (both good things to have). It’s nice to see everything as an obstacle you CAN overcome and endurance because life goes on and on and needs strength to overcome. Reps in the 20’s because the decade we wish we were in. I want to thank F3 because I’m looking forward to my 30s with my fitness and family.


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