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Backblast: Iron Rail 10/5/20

15 HIMs showed up for a TD5k (Tech Deck 5K). We had one FNG show up, EH’ed by Bam Bam who did not forewarn him it was a running workout. YHC laughed when Wilson said he wasn’t a big fan of running. T- Claps for Red Ryder for making his second post!

Q: Tech Deck

PAX-Fanny Pack, Cliff hanger, Birthday suit, Red Ryder, Abacus, Chuck E., Stitches, Purple Rain, Rapid, Bam Bam, Spirit Fingers, McFly, Hall Pass, & former FNG: Wilson

TD5K: a 5k with interval pain stations. Since variety is the spice of life, I decided to do pain stations each for one minute at 3 minute intervals during the 5k. 9 total pain stations. 3 upper, 3 core and 3 lower.

3 Fs
5 Core Principles


17 SSH IC (about half the PAX showed up at this point)
15 Hairy Rockettes IC
5 Burpees (Too much mumble chatter)
15 Cherry Pickers IC
20 Grady Corn IC
10 Arm Circle Foward IC
10 Arm Circles reverse IC

The Thang- TD5K

PS 1- Jungle Boi Squats
PS 2- Derkins
PS 3- Plank
PS 4- Lunges
PS 5- Penguins
PS 6- Wide Merkins
PS 7- Monkey Humpers
PS 8- Freddie Mercuries (IC)
PS 9- Catalina Wine Mixers

*Finished the last .12mi with an AYG sprint to the stop sign and back to flags


-1 minute of mountain climbers

-Mission Statement
-Inspirational stuff: Per Possum’s comments at Thunderdome on Saturday, men should strive for consistency in all arenas of life. Thanks Possum!

*PAX threw down an ‘88 pose for the photo. See you back in the gloom soon ‘88! Hope you are enjoying that vacay

*special thanks to Recon Specialist Hall Pass for scouting a great 5k trail!

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