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When William Meets Dora

When William Meets Dora


21 PAX came out to Divento for a court-side beatdown! Q decided the PAX would not be moseying off into yonder gloom and would do the entire beatdown on the basketball court. It’s a great reminder that great workouts can be simple!

QIC: Tech Deck
Pax: Macbeth, Plunger, Roadkill, KJV, MarkyMark, Horry, Stitches, Cliffhanger, Birthdaysuit, Fanny Pack, Ponch, Spirit Fingers, Bambino, Tent, Dome⛰, Foghorn, Happy Meal, CHONG, Psalty, Bilbo

3 F’s
5 Core Principals
Mission Statement

-20 SSH IC
-15 Grady Corn IC
-15 Cherry Pickers IC
-20 Hairy Rockettes IC

*A few of the sassier members of the PAX (KJV & Bambino?) mumbled something about how TD warmups are typically the same…but it achieves its purpose…to warm up the muscles!

The Thang-

#1 Musical Dora– a Dora without a fixed number of reps. Each exercise changes with each song. Partner 1 will begin reps while P2 runs a suicide on the court. Partners flapjack back and forth. PAX will attempt to hit as many reps and suicides as possible! Q decided to choose/create exercises that start with the letters of DIVENTO:

In the plank tonight”
Empire Strikes Back (backwards lunge+Imperial Walker)
Two-Scopps Squat
One Legged Burpee

#2 William Wallace

Pax splits up into 4 equal groups, each group will choose a corner of the basketball court. Each group holds a plank, Q calls out an exercise and # of reps and one member from each group runs into middle, performs that exercise then returns to the group. When finished, next member of group heads to center to perform reps. Continue until each group member has hit the reps. Everyone in the corners will continue to hold a plank. Rinse and repeat for multiple exercises or until Q/PAX are gassed. This is a real core and shoulder killer!

Inspirational words– Don’t just fixate on your destination, enjoy the journey. These are the little moments that shape who you are and impact those around you.

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