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“It Takes Two”

“It Takes Two”

Back Blast: The Pound 10/13/20

19 HIMs showed up to the Heights for a gloomy, sweaty AMRAP!

Q: Tech Deck
PAX: Abacus, Horry, Cliffhanger, Chuck E., MarkyMark, Stitches, Fanny Pack, Snap-On, Happy Meal, Offshore, Waldo, Foghorn, Psalty, ConAir, Bilbo, Spirit Fingers, Thumper, Bandwagon

-20 SHH IC
-15 Hairy Rockettes IC
-15 Bat Wings IC
-12 Reverse Bat Wings IC
-15 Cherry Pickers IC
-20 Grady Corn IC

*Capri lap to show PAX the AMRAP station locations (1/2 mile)

The Thang: 7 Station Partner AMRAP

-Partners will spread out to all 7 stations and try to do the entire cycle at least twice.

#1 Suicide w/ 5 burpees (x3)
#2 Jump Rope (x100)
#3 Agility Ladder- sideways fast feet (x5)
#4 Imperial Squat Walkers (x20)
#5 Partner Plank Merkins (x15 per partner)
#6 Split Squats (x30)
#7 85z (x5)…Thanks ’88!

*There was some running in between each station and the entire cycle was about 1/2 of a mile. So complete mileage would be 1 mile for 2 cycles.

-20 Low Dolly IC
-20 High Dolly IC
-20 Mtn. Climber IC

-Q Thoughts- Today’s AMRAP was supposed to illustrate a man’s walk in life. Sometimes we are out in the dark up against life’s challenges (workstations). Having a man by your side is crucial to help you push through those challenges, pick you up and encourage you!

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