F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Feeling Psalty!!

Feeling Psalty!!

Q: Bandwagon

Pax in Attendance: Ponch, Stitches, Cliff Hanger, Abacus, Bambino, Jumpstart, Ipa, Frank the Tank, Roadkill, Happy Meal, Chuck E., CHONG, Foghorn, Horry, Macbeth, Tent, Plunger, Spirit Fingers, Squirt Gun, Rapid, Marky Mark, Dome, Tech Deck, Fanny Pack, Bilbo and Psalty.

5 Core Principles and Mission Statement



  • SSH IC x15
  • Arm circles IC x15
  • Grady Corn IC x15
  • Reverse Arm Circles IC x15
  • Seal Claps IC x17
  • Bobby Hurley OYO x10
  • Jump Around Song – Van Halen Jump
  • Hold Squat Once you hear Jump complete Jump Squats until done 

The Thang:

Completed 11s on the basketball court.  PAX moved from sideline to sideline between exercises.  The mode of travel varied based on direction of travel. 

  • Exercise 1 = Jump Lunge, Tuck Jump  (one jump lunge per leg followed by a tuck jump equals 1 rep)
    • Mode of Travel Out = Bear Crawl
  • Exercise 2 = Plank Jacks 2 is 1
    • Mode of Travel back = Crab Walk

Form a Trio and Move Over to Fence

  • Partner 1 – Does 50 Curls
  • Partner 2 – Plank
  • Partner 3 – Merkins


  • Partner 1 – Does 50 Rows
  • Partner 2 – Plank
  • Partner 3 – Merkins


  • Partner 1 – Does 50 Pull Aparts
  • Partner 2 – Plank
  • Partner 3 – Merkins

Move Over to Sideline of Basketball Court w/trio

  • Complete a team 16 sprint


  • High Dolly IC x17 – Hold Legs Up
  • Low Dolly IC x17 – Hold Legs Up
  • Peter Parkers IC x 10
  • Nolan Ryan OYO x10 each side


Be true to yourself.  Make each day a masterpiece.  Help others.  Drink deeply from good books.  Make friendship a fine art.  Build a shelter against a rainy day.

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