F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Divento AMRAP Edition

Divento AMRAP Edition


Q: Psalty

PAX: 12

  • Mater
  • LOL
  • Sereno
  • Markymark
  • Ponch
  • Jumpstart
  • AFIB (Downrange from Naperville)
  • ’88
  • Happy Meal
  • Dome
  • Foghorn


Disclaimer: I am not a professional, so please modify when necessary. Work through pain and not an injury.

Warm-up Mary

Butt Ups x 20 IC, Drunken Mt Climbs x 15 IC
(LBSC) Little baby Square Crunches x 12 ish IC

Mosey to main Maidu building

Balls to the wall
Walk-up-merkins – 5 reps 3 times each set moving higher up the wall
Wounded Crawl bear around raised curb near entrance
2 – Bernie Sprints – Bernie a distance then sprint back to start

Rosey to start of trail near flags

Divento AMRAP – 10ish minutes
10 Burpees
Sprint to end of lot – 40 flutters
One leg bounding jumps across the lot to lot closet to flags
20 Squats
Quick mosey to end of lot
10 shoulder taps 2 is 1

Mosey back to start repeat

Wheel of Merkin – 8 reps each
2 – Bernie Sprints – Bernie a distance then sprint back to start
Mosey to flags

Butt Ups 20 OYO, Drunken Mt Climbs x 40 OYO

5 Core principles
F3 Mission

Words: Show up even when you don’t want to, you’ll feel better and you will accelerate someone just by being there.

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