F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Big Hops or Small Hops?

Big Hops or Small Hops?

QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 12
Mileage: 2.0 +/-

Jolly , Quiver , LOL , Birthdaysuit , Pikachu , POLO ,Jet-Puffed , Foghorn , Bandwagon , Yoshi , FNG -> Sue, Fanny Pack

Mission statement:
Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

Five core principles:
*Open to all men
*Free of charge
*Held outdoors, regardless of weather
*Led by a peer in rotating fashion with no license or certification required
*Ends in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer – Modify to prevent injury and still get reps in

Gazelles: when you arrive to the waypoint alternate 10 SSH and 20 Mountain Climbers (1:1) until the six is in

Good idea, gotta run though; only have 45 minutes!


Mosey to picnic area
Squats IC x20
American Hammers (on table top) OYO x50
Single Leg Squats OYO x12 per leg
American Hammers (on table top) OYO x40

Rosey to intersection of pathways
Bear Crawl down the path
Low Dolly IC x20

Mosey to coupins
Every third PAX gets coupin

Mosey to playground trading off carrying coupin
Cycle of Pain:
*Perform exercises, mosey to next station; rinse, repeat

*Body Weight
**Pull-ups AMAP, use bands if needed
**Pseudo Planche Merkins x10
**Jungle Boi Squats x15

**Curls with low bands AND coupin x15
**Overhead Press with high bands and coupin x15
**Blades of steel x15
**Pull aparts x15

**Merkins x10
**Bunny Hop out, mosey back; half court and full court

Mosey to put coupins away
SSH while waiting

Mosey to flags
Prisoner Squats IC x21
Low Flutter IC x23
Prisoner Squats IC x15


*Yoshi’s wife and hip surgery, prayers requested
*Pikachu glad to have the group to motivate him


Before we can impact THE community, we MUST impact OUR community. Our closest community is within the walls of our homes. Impact THAT community; in turn, THAT community will impact THE community!

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