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Let’s Go, Disco

Let’s Go, Disco

Thanks to Disco Ball from F3 Crossroads (IL) for the Beatdown & Backblast. Here you go & SYITG. — Bartman

Driving to the Den from the hotel, it was hard to miss how Foggy it was…… Planning this Q out, I already knew the baseball field would be dark, however with the Fog, I was worried that seeing anything would be almost impossible.  I rolled into the Den parking Lot at 4:45, immediately took a slow Mosey over to the Baseball diamonds with My Lights brought all the way from Illinois :-).  As soon as I got on the grass, I noticed how wet it was, I did a couple of burpees, and noticed my feet slipping.  I then walked from Left field to Center field…. with my headlamp on….. I put my hand out in front of me and noticed how hard it was to see…… At this time I called an Audible and decided to set up in the parking lot.   I moseyed on over and set my lights in (3) different Parking banks to mark the start line, and determined that the Center Crosswalk of the Parking lot would be my ending point.  Roughly 60 yards.  At this time Tek Dek and Bartman rolled in.  I notified them of my audible, and they helped me guide cars to park beyond where we would be working.  5:10am most PAX had arrived and were rearing to go.

WOR- Started with Disclaimer about not being a professional, Thanked PAX for having me

Motivators – from 8 IC

Michael Phelps on Angels Wings- IC (10)

Abe Vagotas- IC (10)

Knee and ankle rotation – IC (7) each way

Arm Circles- IC (10) each way

Thang 1

Round 1

  • (20) burpees — Bear Crawl to cross walk– (20) burpees— Crawl Bear to start, Pick Up 6

Round 2

  • (20) Monkey Humpers– Lunge to cross walk– (20) Monkey Humpers — Power Jump back to start, Pick up 6

Round 3

  • (20) Merkins– Spring to cross walk — (20) Merkins — Skip Back to start, pick up 6

Round 4

  • (20) Cobra Squats (4 count)– Carioca Right to Cross walk– (20) Cobra Squats — Carioca Left to start, pick up 6

Round 5

  • (20) Carolina Dry Docks — Bear Crawl to cross walk — (20) Carolina Dry docks– Crawl Bear to start, pick up 6

Round 6

  • (20) Superman’s– Lunge walk to cross walk — (20) Superman’s — Power Jump to start, pick up 6

Round 7

  • Full out sprint to cross walk, Full out sprint back to start


Trace alphabet with Legs, Capital Letters no cursive

Ring of Fire, Hold High Plank, 5 Merkins Each PAX until ring is complete

Count Off (16) PAX




Thank You for having me here today and allowing me to Q.  I know somebody gave up their Q spot for me, and that is greatly appreciated, and I thank You.  Posting and Qing in different regions is a lot of fun and I encourage each of you to try it if given the chance.  Tek Dek was telling me that since the last time  I was here, that a lot of new PAX have joined, and that’s awesome.  To those PAX I want to encourage you to get out here and Q.  Talk to your leadership and senior members if you have any questions or concerns, they certainly will help you come up with a plan.  When you Q, the best advice I can give you is find your weakness and incorporate those items into your Q.  Make that weakness a strength.  Ive done about 30 Qs since I first started F3 in July.  When I first Started I was terrible at Bear Crawls and hated them….. So I put those into every Q I did, and now I can pretty much Bear Crawl all day.  So find your weakness, recognize those weaknesses, work on them, and eventually you will own those weaknesses, and claim them as your Strengths.  Aye


Our Father

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