F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Go Cubs!

Go Cubs!

Pax :19 HIM
Banjo, Bartman, Dome, Kilt, Chamomile, Goose, Floss, Birdie, Offshore, Waldo, Sancho, Foghorn, Bandwagon, Tri-tip, Razzmatazz, Rapid, Coleman, Geppetto, KJV

Mission Statement
5 Core Principles

Cub Knowledge Quiz with site Q we ended up doing 30 Burpees

The Thang

Gas Pumps 31 ( Greg Maddux)
Obama 17 ( Frank Chance) Adjusted to 11 to equal 44 reps (Anthony Rizzo)

Clock Merkins 1908 (Last World series before 2016)
Up Downs 23 (Ryan Sandberg)
Burpees 14 (Ernie Banks)
Squats 26 (Billy Williams)
Spells Go Cubs

Good thing God isn’t a Cubs fan we would never be forgiven for any of our transgressions. Fortunately we have a forgiving God that forgives us for our past, present and future sins.

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