F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 18
Mileage: 2.3+/-

Tent , Yoshi , Clove , ‘88 , LOL , Foghorn , Happy Meal , KJV , Jolly , BabyBack ,SHRINKExcite Bike , Purple Rain , Bandwagon , Offshore , Spirit Fingers , FNG-> Hoff , Fanny Pack

Mission Statement
Five Core Principles

At 43 degrees Fahrenheit, a warm-up is a great idea, so we’ll skip it ?


Mosey to Trail head on Scarborough and stop at bottom of ramp
LBC IC x25
Low Dolly IC x25
Merkins IC x10

Partner up
Mosey to next trailhead with partner:
Exchange experiences from CSAUP
Low Flutter IC x25
Hillbillies IC x25

Mosey to Claudio
Merkins OYO x10
Mosey to bottom of Beatrice
Merkins OYO x10
Rosey to top to Scarborough
Merkins OYO x10

Mosey to and down Lysander
Merkins OYO x10
Merkins OYO x10

Mosey to basketball court
Burpees x25
Overhead Claps x25
Merkins x25
Big Boi Sit Ups x25
Between exercises, when moving, always facing same direction: Bear Crawl or Crawl Bear
Move halfway across court and then back

Coupin work
Grab reppin coupin
Rifle carry across court
Chest press OYO x50
Smurf Walk across court
Overhead Press OYO x40
Rifle carry across court
Curls OYO x30
Squats IC x15

Replace coupins

Indian Run to complete circle of park
Merkins OYO x10

Time called at 6:00am


Heart talk
Excitebike encouraged the PAX to stay positive

1 Thessalonians 5:18
give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Give thanks IN all things, not give thanks FOR all things. There are some pretty crappy things in the world. Find something to be thankful for! Choose your joy! When you are joyous, things are usually not THAT bad!

Presentation of Tent’s spike
Some words/common themes
Godly, upbeat, smile, “sup, bro?”, voice of reason, sage

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