F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Princess not Pits

Princess not Pits

QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 14
Mileage: 2.2 +/-

Backseat!! , Sue , Top40 , Drum Stick , CHONG , FNG -> Clove , LOL , @samsonite, Mudslide , Yoshi , Spirit Fingers , Foghorn , Excite Bike , Fanny Pack

Mission statement:
Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Five core principles
*Open to all men
*Free of charge
*Held outdoors, regardless of weather
*Led by a peer in rotating fashion with no license or certification required
*Ends in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer – Modify to prevent injury and still get reps in

Mosey a quarter mile (or so) with high knees, butt kicks, car-i-oca, and skips thrown in


On basketball court, moving clockwise, start under hoop (either), run to corner
*Carolina Dry Docks x10
Run to midcourt
*Hurley’s (Bobby) x10
Run across midcourt
*Overhead Claps x10
Run to baseline corner
*Merkins x10
Run to under hoop
*Prisoner Squats x10

Low Dolly IC x20
American Hammers OYO x30 (2:1)
Big Boi Sit Ups OYO x15

Mosey to middle of diamonds

Step Ups OYO x12 each leg
Squats IC x20
Jungle Boi Squats OYO x15
Merkins IC x12

Mosey to outer ring

Big Boi Sit Ups OYO x15

Indian Run to Pull Up bars
A couple of misturns (gates were open, shiny objects, you know…) led to the Indian Run becoming a mosey.

We arrived at pull up bars one PAX short. Foghorn was summoned to find the six. The PAX and YHC alternated SSH OYO and Mountain Climbers OYO. Foghorn came back alone; not good!
YHC summoned the PAX for a rescue operation…

FNG was found near the school playground. The PAX blew out the FNG with the Indian Run pace and he was headed back to the flags. No man left behind and no man left where you found them!!

Mosey toward diamonds
Stop near gate on dirt lot

Merkins IC x10
LBCs IC x15
Prisoner Squats IC x16

Mosey through diamonds to skate park

Bear crawl up large concrete ramp
Bear crawl down
Bunny Hop up ramp
Bear crawl down

Mosey to parking lot

Accelerating from stop to sprint speed over 15 yards
Hold sprint for 30 yards
Ramp back down to stop over 15 yards

Repeato x4


*QSchool at Grog on Saturday; best practices for Q-ing, not just for veteran Qs
*Tour del Oro: Jan 1-Feb 6 there are 22 AOs, make an attempt to visit them all. What’s the prize? Eternal Glory
*Happy Hour in Lincoln tonight 4:30


Focus on the Princess and not the pits

Level 1-1 in Mario Brothers, if you ended up in the pit on the first time out, you didn’t say “I’m a failure”, turn the game off and sell your Nintendo; you probably thought on how to improve the outcome and took another swing. You wanted to save the princess, right?!

We are designed to succeed.

*Small successes are to be celebrated
*In growing, coming up short should be expected and usually fuels growth
*Focus on the Princess and not the pits

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