F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


QIC: ChooChoo
PAX: 25
LZ, Chicken Little, Dinghy, Chong, MarkyMark, Fanny Pack, Ponch, Bono, Possum, Hydro, Poolboy, Coleman, Psalty, Thumper, Frank the Tank, Excitebike, Singlet, Daisy, Bandwagon, Foghorn, Spirit Fingers, Offshore, Soft Kitty, ConAir.

5 core principles: open to all men, free of charge, held outdoors regardless of weather, led by a peer in rotating fashion, ends in a circle of trust.

Warm a rama: 20 side straddle hops, 20 arm circles forward/reverse, 20 hairy rockettes.

Mosey to tall parking garage bottom floor circle up.

Planks for 59 seconds X 2

Wheelbarrow up to next level switching partners half way.

20 V – ups

Lunges up both ramps to the next level

59 Flutter kicks 2 is 1

Bernie Sanders up both ramps

59 scissor kicks 2 is 1

Bear crawl up both ramps

59 Freddie Mercuries fast followed by 59 slow 2 is 1

Imperial walkers up both ramps

59 Crossing mountain climbers 2 is 1

Sprint to the top

10 Spider man push ups – repeat for another 10

Indian run back down ramps 2 lines and mosey back to civic center.

59 heel taps

59 American hammer

59 Merkins

Count a rama, Nama a rama, Circle of Trust.

Remember to find a friend in this life that you can trust to talk to and share what’s going on and provide you with accountability.

Closing in prayer thankful for the men there today asking for blessings on their life.

Celebrated Thumpers 100th Workout. Words spoken included his loyalty, and wisdom and that Bandwagon has looked up to Thumper since he was 14.

Thanks guys for trusting me to lead you today. It was a wonderful first for me and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

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