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The pain of 13 – Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

The pain of 13 – Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

F3 Backblast Sandstorm 12/13/2021

PAX (11): Timberlake, Dilbert, La Croix, Peppi D, Family Matters, Bilbo, Miles, Gadget, Captain Hook, Franc, Wall-E
Theme: Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

SSH (IC x 13)
Cherry Pickers (ICx13)
Grady Corn (ICx13)
Burpees w/jumps over sandbag (IC x 13)

The Thang:
Line up at the nearest light pole
Snapshot to light pole with lunges to get to sandbag (about 80 yds)
Curls for the Girls (ICx13)
Bear Crawl/Sandbag drag to next light pole (about 80 yds)
Sumo High Pulls (OYOx13)
Suitcase Carry to train playground
Step-ups with bags on the shoulder (OYOx52)
Bent over rows (OYOx52)
Shoulder carry to Furthest Light Pole
Grave Diggers (OYOx26)
Catch Me If You Can – Partner 1 Bernie drag with both bags (160 yds)
Partner 2, 3 Burpees then catch, repeat until getting to next light pole
LBC’s (ICx13)
Big Boy Situps Holding Bag (ICx13)
Over the shoulders (OYOx13)
Shoulder carry to flags

Chest Press (ICx13)
Alphabet over the bag (All Capital Letters)
Freddy Mercury (ICx13)
Shoulder Taps on Bag (ICx13)
Nolan Ryan punching Bag (OYOx20)
Circle of Trust (At End):
– Ball of Man – Our circumstances may seem bad, but someone else has got it much worse, help out where you can this Christmas

Great job everyone. The gloom was real today, and you all showed up and put in the effort.

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