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Throwing Burritos – VQ Family Matters

Throwing Burritos – VQ Family Matters

Sandstorm 1-17-22 Backblast
Q -Family Matters
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F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, Disclaimer


20 side straddle hops IC
15 cherry pickers IC
10 arm circles forward IC
10 arm circles backward IC
10 Michael Phelps IC
Indian run with bags 100 yards to soccer goal and circle back to flags- slow pace

The Thang-

Dora in teams
1-2-3 with bags
Partner 1-
Curls 100
Bent over row 200
Heavy squats 300
Partner 2-
Overhead Carries to cones and back for 1
Squat clean and throw for to cones and back for 2
Bag throw between legs to cones and back for 3
Assist reps for the 6
The pax blew through this in no time!

Regroup with bags in the main parking lot
Indian run to end of the parking lot and out to the right into next parking lot and down to the end

Perform sets of merkins, monkey humpers, and lbc’s with bags on your knees OYO starting with 8 reps each decreasing by 1 each set until reaching 1

Indian run out of parking lot back to the main lot at a slow pace to get back to flags
Carry down to flags at anything more than a walk
The 6 got in right at 6:00

COR, NOR, COT – I had no great words of wisdom for this. I wanted to spend this time expressing my appreciation for the support of my brothers. One of my resolutions was to come out of my comfort zone and Qing is definitely that. This was possible because of the support and growth I have received from my brothers in the gloom. I encourage everyone to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and grow!

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