F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Grinder Launch

Grinder Launch

The roster- Q singlet,
Bilbo, Jumpstart, Hydro , Possum, Dinghy, Marky Mark, Frank the Tank, Rapid, Happy Meal, LOL, Tech Deck, McFly, Baby Back, KJV, Hall Pass, Ponch, Bambino, Bullseye, Road Kill

Warm up,
Ssh, hillbillies, windmills, gradycorn
30 box jumps on bench
Mosey, circle up, imperial walkers and smurfjax,

The Thang: on tennis courts – 10/20/30 Bernie back – perform the specified movement across the tennis court, stop at the far sideline do 10 reps of exercise, perform movement the length of the next court then stop and do 20 of the exercise, perform movement across the last court, stop at the end and do 30 reps.
Bernie Sanders back to the start, SSH til the 6 is in.
Lunge walk / Merkins
Bear crawl / Big Boi sit ups
Frog jump / plank jacks
Crab walk / lbc
Crawl bear / mountain climbers
Inch worm / air squats

Mosey back for 6 min of Mary- assorted movements IC

Grinder is a site where you can show up and enjoy your daily GRIND, I want to remember that the journey is the reward, we get so caught up in the things we have to do on a daily basis that tend to get monotonous, but when you come out to the Grinder, a HIM should push themselves hard and enjoy the fact that this daily workout is part of your larger journey in life, and let it remind you to enjoy everyday for what it is. This workout is on a Wednesday, middle of the work week for most, but it a great day to get a great workout in the gloom.

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