F3 Gold Rush
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Becoming Divento

Becoming Divento



Five Core Principles

QIC: Bandwagon

PAX: 23

Bandwagon, Fanny Pack, LOL, Roadkill, Ponch, Abacus, Tech Deck, Psalty, Bilbo, Birthday Suit, MarkyMark, Chuck E., Possum, Happy Meal, Horry, Offshore, KJV, Singlet, Jumpstart, Chong, Vespa, Foghorn, Spirit Fingers

2 FNG (Fade, Bam-Bam)

Mileage: 1.6 +/-


SSH IC x17

Arm circles IC x17

Grady Corn IC x17

Seal Claps IC x17

Reverse Arm Circles, Palm up IC x17

Bobby Hurley OYO x10


Mosey to center of diamonds

Ricky Bobby (divide into four groups)

Rosey the spokes out, turn left

LBC OYO – 20

Mosey to next spoke, turn left

Squats OYO – 20

Rosey the spoke in

Bear Crawl across center

Shoulder Taps OYO x20


On Park benches

    ⁃    Derkins – 20 

    ⁃    Dips – 20

    ⁃    Step-ups – 20

    ⁃    Incline Merkins – 20 

Indian Run to Basketball Court 

Once on Basketball Court

    ⁃    Down-ups (quick feet and down on Q’s call)

Partner-Up – Partners go to opposite end of court from your partner: 

Set 1 

Bear Crawl to Partner at half court

6 Partner Clap Merkins

Set 2

Broad Jump to Partner at Half Court

10 Squats in unison 

Set 3 

Suicide to Half Court

6 Partner Clap Merkins

Set 4

Lunge Walk to Partner at Half Court

10 Squats in unison

Form Long Line in Middle of Court

Fast Feet

Defensive Slides, Right x3, Left x3


Low Dolly IC x17

High Dolly IC x17

Nolan Ryan OYO x10 each side

Hold Plank x1 min/5 Merkins


YHC only had two options at the time Possum asked me the name was chosen for the AO. When YHC got the text, YHC was using DuoLingo learning Italian. The next translation was from English to Italian. The phrase was “The girl becomes a woman” -> La bambina diventa una donna

Bro! Plan C has become the winner!

Divento – I become

Like a ton of bricks. This AO had a name.

F3 is open to men. We all find F3 at different stages of life. It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you’re headed.

Become the leader that you know you are!

Become the spouse that your spouse only dreams of!

Become the best man that you know!

Become your best self!

As soon as we men from F3 become, then our communities, with our influence and leadership, can become.

I call you all to launch your futures and the futures of your children, grandchildren, communities here, now.

See you next week?

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