F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Better Together

Better Together

Terminal 9/28/20

Q: Tent


Vespa, Horry, Happy Meal, Macbeth, Stitches, Dimple, Banjo, Jumpstart, Tech Deck, Spirit Fingers, Fanny Pack, Bandwagon, Razzmatazz, Bilbo, Icy Hot, Juice Box, Plunger

No man is and was intended to be on an island by himself. F3 gives us men not only an opportunity to be in shape, but to be bound together as 3 cord strand that cannot be broken. Reference verse ECC 4:12 Together we are better.

Warm up:
10-Front Shoulder Circles
10-Reverse Shoulder Circles
20-Slaughter Starter- Burpee’s OYO
20-Suzanne Summers- In Cadence- Down-Up=1
1-Wave of Merkins

Thang: Team Building F3 (Get everyone’s six)
• Mosey Partner Rope Run to Benches (Pick a Partner)
• 100 Partner Derkin/Run to tree n’ back (80-90Y YD RT) (Pick a Partner)
• 200 Partner Dip/ Run to tree n’ back (80-90YD RT)
• ½ Mile Mosey around the block to AO Field (Pick a Partner)
• PARTNER CONE ZONE (Pick a Partner)
o 50/50 Rope/Plank
o 50 Mountain Climbers (Share the pain with your partner)
o 50/50 Rope/Peter Parkers
o 50 Squat Jumps (Share the pain)
o 50/50 Rope/Plank Jacks
o Repeato

10-Outlaws-Flutter Kick position O’s 10Right 10 Left (Cadence)
5-Marionettes-Big Boy Sit up Right, Middle, Left (Cadence)
30-LBC’s OYO


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