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DRQ: Sandbag of F3 Phoenix

DRQ: Sandbag of F3 Phoenix

Big thanks to our guest Q: Sandbag! he brought a great message reminding us to always pick up the 6, we don’t get to choose the 5 core principles, but we need to choose to leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him. And he made us all work hard out on the tennis courts, adding in a cumulative 100 burpee’s during the various suicide renditions.

Attendance: 22 including Sandbag:
Singlet, Tri-tip Bilbo Dinghy Purple Rain MarkyMark Bam Bam KJV Foghorn Frank The Tank Fanny PackSnapOn‘88IpaRapidBabyBackChuck E. Bambino LOL Jumpstart
And welcome former FNG Slipjoint

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