F3 Gold Rush
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Casino Wheel of Pain

Casino Wheel of Pain


QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 21
Happy Meal, Horry, Psalty, Tech Deck, Birthday Suit, Chuck E, Bilbo, Foghorn, Bambino, Spirit Fingers, Jumpstart, Chong, LOL, Rabbit, MarkyMark, Frank the Tank, Dial-Up, PinkSlip, KJV, Squirt Gun
Mileage: 1.3 +/-

Mission statement
Five core principles
• Open to all men
• Free of charge
• Held outdoors, regardless of weather
• Led by a peer in rotating fashion with no license or certification required
• Ends in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer – Modify to prevent injury and still get reps in

SSH IC x17
Cherry Pickers IC x13


Statue of Liberty lap to middle of diamonds

Pair up for the Casino Wheel of Pain

4 main stations
3 have decks of cards, draw two cards to determine number of reps, no fewer than 10
4th has a pair of dice, multiply the dice to determine reps, no fewer than 15 reps
After determining number of reps, perform first exercise on board and mosey to intermediate station. On second lap, do second exercise, etc.

Intermediate stations have a team goal for reps of the given exercise and method of travel to next station

Intermediate station 4-1
Do: 120 LBCs
Travel: Lunge Walk

Station 1 – cards
Booyah Merkins
Breakdancing Bears
Plank jacks

Intermediate station 1-2
Do: Partner People’s Chair until next group arrives
Travel: Duck Walk

Station 2 – dice
Big Boi Situps
Nolan Ryan
Low Flutter
Plank Dips

Intermediate station 2-3
Do: 80 Low Country Crabs
Travel: Imperial Walkers

Station 3 – cards
Squat Jumps
Smurf Jacks

Intermediate station 3-4
Do: 100 Hillbillies
Travel: Bear Crawl

Station 4 – cards
Carolina Dry Docks
Overhead Claps
Grady Corn

LBCs/Low Dolly until group arrives
Peter Parkers IC x17
Low Flutters IC x25


-Two Second F events
**Man Time Happy Hour at Dinghy’s on Sun Oct 4
**Manly Mental Health Time at LOL’s on Oct 22
-Bilbo 100th tomorrow at Ghost Links, bring gloves
-Birthday Suit VQ Saturday at Thunderdome
-Tech Deck 100 on 10/10 at Thunderdome, TD’s 100th at TD on 10/10/20

We as men are free to choose. Choose what makes you happy.

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