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Tech Deck’s Amazin’ 100th

Tech Deck’s Amazin’ 100th

Q: The one and only Tech Deck


36 HIMs showed up this morning (including 4 FNGs), many in parade fashion after busting Q’s balls and pulling quite the hoax! Q is blessed to have so many people show their support. This was a memorable day for YHC!

3 F’s/ 5 CP/ Disclaimer

-20 SSH IC
5 burpees
-17 Hairy Rockettes IC
4 burps
-20 Grady Corn IC
3 Burps
-15 Cherry Pickers Ic
2 Burps
-15 Windmills IC

The Thang:

-Blockee Balboa 1,2,3

Blocks and jump ropes! Partner exercise with a team cumulative of 100 blockees, then 200 American Hammers and then 300 weighted squats. Partner one will begin with coupon based reps, partner 2 will jump rope like a madman! Partners will flapjack every 10 blockees, every 20 american hammers and every 30 squats.

-Quarter Grounder w/ Cheese

Similar to the Quarter pounder, except the coupon will be traveling along the ground to each cone via bear crawl and murder bunny back to start

Bear crawl drag to first cone/ 25 Overhead Press / MB back to start
Bear crawl drag to second cone/ 50 Derkins /MB back to start
Bear crawl drag to third cone/ 75 Curls /MB back to start
Bear crawl drag to 4th cone/ 100 Heavy Freddies /MB back to start

COR/NOR/ Mission Statement
Inspirational Message: So many people to thank! Everyone has been an integral part in my growth as a man and leader while in F3. Much thanks to everyone in F3 for their unique qualities they bring!

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