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Spinning Up Hill

Spinning Up Hill


Q: Happy Meal


  • Bilbo
  • Plunger
  • Stitiches
  • Chuck E.
  • Horry
  • Psalty
  • Pink Slip
  • ConAir
  • Bandwagon
  • Birthdaysuit
  • Foghorn
  • ’88

14 PAX + 2 Parks + 1 Hill + Clear Skies and a 55F temp= 1 Great Monday Morning!


  • 25ish SSH (ic)
  • 11’s: Baryshnikov Squats, Mosey to the opposite side of the playground, then Burpees
    • Begin with: 10 Baryshnikov Squats, 1 Burpee
    • End with: 1 Baryshnikov Squats, 10 Burpees


  • Indian Run to the top of Claudio Way (“The Hill”)
  • Mosey to the bottom of The HillThe Hill (“Spun-Up” set):
    • 10 Bear Crawl steps
    • 10 Right-Facing side shuffles
    • 10 Crawl Bear steps
    • 10 Left-Facing shuffles
    • 10 Bounding steps
    • R&R until the third light is reached
    • Mosey (sprint if you can) from 3rd light to the top of the hill. Gazelles pick up the 6.
  • Mosey to Joe Hernandez Park basketball court
    • PAX pair up and line up along the sideline of the court. Partners wheel barrel to the opposite sideline, with standing partner doing a sumo squat walk. The partners are responsible for a total of 50 merkins at the sideline. Partners flapjack, and complete another 50 merkins upon return to their starting point.
  • Mosey back to the top of The Hill, enjoy the view, but been there, done that. Time to mosey to the volleyball courts by the flats (the “litter box”).

Announced that the remainder of the workout would be completed in the sand – Most of the PAX shed their socks and shoes, except for Plunger who noted that he felt like the only guy wearing pants at the nude beach… spoken with a tone of experience.

  • 4 courts = 4 sections: Sideline of Court 1 to Sideline of Court 2 = Section 1, etc.
    • Section 1: Bound
    • Section 2: Broad Jump
    • Sections 3 and 4: Sprint
    • Turn around, bear crawl for two courts, then sprint the remaining two courts.
  • Find your partner from the earlier exercise. One partner goes to the opposite end of the litter box.
    • Partners sprint to meet in the middle and complete 20 partner Big Boi Sit Ups (BBSU’s facing each other with a hand clap at the top). It is possible that Q originally called for 25 Partner BBSU… the world will never know!
    • Partners sprint from the middle of the litter box, each partner reaching opposite ends, then turning around to sprint and meet in the middle for another 20 Partner BBSU’s.
  • Started a little Sandstorm (all PAX hopping in the sand). Decided to see if we’d be able to block a spike at the volleyball nets. Sandstorm hops continued, with PAX trying to reach the top of the volleyball net. Many could reach, few or none could reach above.

If you can’t go high, go low… time to wrap up with some Merry.

  • 15 Low Flutters (ic)
  • 15 High Dolly’s (ic)

Mosey back to the flags
COT: Words of wisdom… Q is not wise, just trying to improve every day. Welcome feedback as honest feedback is the only way we can truly understand our impact. Not every day can be a barn burner. If we’re going to push our bodies 6 days a week, then Q needs to strive and stretch for a greater variety, as attempted today. Great thanks to all PAX who posted in the gloom today!

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