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Someone Stole the Flags

Someone Stole the Flags

Q: ’88

As narrated by ’88:

YHC to kick off 2021 wanted to draw up something a little more elaborate for the pax to feast on. YHC arrived early to the pre ruck to initiate the plan by setting the stage.

0700 call pax to circle up in the parking lot. Wait…what’s this car entering the lot? Its Red 5. coming in hot making our number an even 16 pax. This worked well into the plan for the day.

Warm o Rama
Circle up at parking lot.
10 crucible merkins IC
10 dancing bears IC

We numbered off into 1s and 2s and separated into our squads. There was a good mix of experienced and less experienced pax in each group so squads were set.

The Shovel flags have been stolen! Oh no! We must use the clues in the envelopes to locate our squad’s flag and bring it back to home. Teams must follow the clues to find the next clue they must complete the exercises in order to open the clue and move on to the next location.
Counting cadence rotates each exercise at any time necessary. Teams given their first of 3 Clues. This workout was built to handle 3 groups and with 16 pax, splitting in half felt like a good number to go with. Each squad was given a different flag to locate and each had a different order of clues to find their flag with each squad visiting all of the locations.

To find the flag, you should know. To Thunderdome 1.0

Riding a horse- all done then dismount. Go to the place where we store no discounts.

In Elementary school I hope you weren’t peaking. Mosey to the place Will Ferrell went streaking.

Clue 1 exercises- Mosey to Humble Hill. Jacobs Ladder to 5 with burpees take new clue with you to hill.

Clue 2 exercises- Mosey to coupons:
10 overhead press IC
10 curls IC
10 bent over rows IC
10 overhead squats IC
10 kettlebell swings OYO
Black Mamba run around snack bar.
Total of 3x exercises: 2 runs

Clue 3 exercises-
Dora 123
100 Crucible merkins
200 Star jumps
300 Sumo squats

Partner runs first 2 sides of the triangle and bear crawls the final leg.

Groups retrieve shovel flag and bring it back to normal flag planting spot. We ran out of time so Team Bear Flag stopped part way into the final station of Dora. Team Stars and Stripes was unable to do the Jacob’s Ladder. They waved at the hill.

Named FNG Tommy now known as Quiver. He has 7 kids 5 he is adopting as a blended family with his M!

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