F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Moving On, Then…

Moving On, Then…

Thanks to BaNjO Razzmatazz Pikachu Tech Deck Schmear Tent Schwartz Sancho Jolly Birdie Aflac Kilt softkitty WALL-E Possum Psalty Singlet Offshore Bambino Bam Bam Chuck E. Dome⛰ Horry Chamomile & his 2.0 Floss & former FNG Goose! 27 in all

5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Disclaimer, & FNGs

WOR (21x IC)
Don Quixotes (Windmills)
Cherry Pickers

ALARM (21x IC 1 letter at a time)
Arms – Merkins
Legs – Imperial Walkers
Abs – American Hammers
R – Reverse Crunch
M – Monkey Humpers

Transition (21x IC)
Bat Wings
Copperhead Squats
Shoulder Taps

Around the World w/ a Home Base
PAX are split into 6 groups & someone who has Q’ed somewhere between 0-2 times is in charge. Each group runs from station to station around the parking lot doing the exercise listed on the cone, IC to 21. Then they mosey to the next station. The mobility-friendly option is a home base in the middle of the parking lot where a PAX got a copy of the Weinke.
Stations are: LBCs, Grady Corns, Freddie Mercurys, Flutter Kicks, BBSUs, & SSHs. (Home Base did Pickle Pounders instead of SSHs, due to foot injuries. Also, instead of moseying, they did a 21 sec squat hold between sets.) Rinse & Repeat until the QIC calls it.

Mary (21x IC)
Nolan Ryans

Embrace ’21! Followers, step up & lead. Leaders, be willing to follow.

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