F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


13 pax including QIC Bam Bam

F3- Fitness, Fellowship, Faith

5 core principles

Mission Statement & Disclaimer

Side straddle hops ic
Mummy kicks ic
Cherry pickers ic

Set up cones around parking lot. Each cone lists the exercise to be done and how many reps. Do the exercise and run to the next cone and do listed exercise and reps.


Cone 1. 5 Burpees run to next cone
Cone 2. 10 Stance Jacks run to next cone
Cone 3. 15 Merkins
Cone 4. Bear Crawl to next cone
Cone 5. Lunges to next cone
Cone 6. 20 big boi sit-ups run to next cone
Cone 7. 15 Carolina Dry docks run to next cone
Cone 8. 10 Ski Abs run to next cone
Cone 9. 5 globe jumps run to next cone
Cone 10. Crab walk to cone 1

Rinse and repeat

End in a circle of planking telling Q what your favorite exercise of the morning was!


Naming of our new FNG G-String!

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