F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.




Back Blast:

Warm o Rama
SSH x 15 IC
Forward arm circles x 15 IC
Reverse arm circles x 15 IC
Imperial walkers x 15 IC
Cherry pickers x 15 IC

Climbing the Ladder
(Line up across the parking lot)
Shuffle to the end / shuffle back
Karaoke to the end / karaoke back
Bernie Sanders to the end / repeat back
Jog halfway- sprint to the end / repeat back

Mosey to pick up coupon – then mosey to the closest corner foul line

Around the Horn
Starting at the first foul line corner
25 shoulder press OYO
25 tricep extensions OYO
Wait for the 6

Mosey counterclockwise to next foul line corner
25 curls OYO
25 chest press OYO
Wait for the 6

Mosey to the next foul line corner
25 kettle swings OYO
25 bent over row
Wait for the 6

Mosey to the final foul line corner
25 upright row OYO
25 shoulder shrugs OYO

Mosey back to first foul line corner
Drop off coupons-mosey to the center

Hit for the Cycle
Partner up – Dora style cumulative reps
Pick a corner to start and move counter clockwise
While one partner does reps, other runs to the center / flap jack until all reps and exercises complete.
Move to next corner

Corner 1 – with coupons
50 side jumps over coupons 1 is 1
150 elevated push-ups on the coupon

Corner 2
50 burpees
150 overhead claps

Corner 3
150 Big boy sit-ups
200 flutter kicks 2 is 1

Corner 4
100 Carolina dry docks
250 squats

Mosey to flags

Mary –
Freddie mercuriesx15 IC

COT: Focus on your own circle of influence and what you can control: your family, your church, your work, your community. We have no control over what’s happening in DC, etc. All we can do is look for ways to impact our local communities.

Possum added: What happens at your house is more important than what happens at the White House.

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