F3 Gold Rush
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“Tour de The Den” or “This is a Good Tinder Spot”

“Tour de The Den” or “This is a Good Tinder Spot”

The rain let up a bit but lots of fallen branches. Yet 21 PAX showed up for a Beatdown. Cliff Hanger Hydro Stitches Waldo Kilt Schwartz Thumper Sancho Tech Deck Backseat!! (who left early) U-Turn Bandwagon Offshore Tent Chamomile & his 2.0 Floss ‘88 BaNjO Razzmatazz Macbeth & YHC

Mission Statement/Credo/No FNGs/Disclaimer

5 Core Burpees: We did 1-5 Burpees after I named off each of the 5 Core Principles.

WOR (IC): Don Quixotes, Grady Corns, Hairy Rockettes until the QIC said so, then Motivators starting at 8 & working down.

Mosey to a new parking lot (very exciting stuff). Then PAX did a Triple Check. Partners of 3, one planks, one squat holds, one runs to the other end of the parking lot, & rotate & repeat so everyone goes 3x. This is where it got weird. A car actually pulled into the parking lot, drove behind the row of planking & squatting PAX, came around, DROVE UP THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT TOWARDS THE RUNNING PAX, & parked. We think he was checking Tinder but have no proof & no one felt comfortable asking him to join us. (“Hey, wanna hang w/ a bunch of dudes?”)

PAX moseyed to the other parking lot (yes, there’s another one) & then to the middle of the ball complex. We did Lindsays to Razz’s pleasure. Then, because the ball fields were too wet, we pretended that the snack bar was a diamond. Home was 5 burpees, 1st was 10 LBCs IC, 2nd was 10 2:1 Mountain Climbers IC, & 3rd was 10 Copperhead Squats IC.

Then we moseyed to the batting cages because I wanted to see if the white car was still there. Yes. Yes it was.

We did Welsh Dragons to 10 along the edge of the cages. Then back to the start for Mary.

Mary IC: Nolan Ryans (10 each side), 20 High Dollys, 10 Crunchy Frogs

Final Thoughts, paraphrased from QSource: Fitness is your relationship with your body, Fellowship is your relationship with your community, & Faith is your relationship with God/the SkyQ. God is not in the middle of your Concentrica because He has given you the Concentrica. He is in all things, not just the center of your target. (Ended in prayer to give thanks for the PAX & that we put God in our everything daily.)

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