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Hitting the Club at 21

Hitting the Club at 21

Today’s Beatdown was based on the date being 2-1-21 & music…because I wanted to play music.

13 PAX: Razzmatazz, Schwartz, Kilt, Satchel, BaNjO, Magellan, Sideboob, LOL, Plunger, Mudslide, Rerun, Tooth Fairy, & YHC

Welcome: Mission Statement, Credo, FNG check (none), Disclaimer, & 5 Core Burpees

WOR, IC to 21: Don Quixotes, Grady Corns, Steve Earles

Walk Like an Egyptian for one round then mosey to the playground.

21’s – SSHs to 5 IC, then 6-21 silent. The PAX did not stay in time, so punishment was Bear Crawl through parking lot but w/ Paula Abduls.

Elwoods – 21 IC then for the rest of the morning, PAX did them while waiting for the 6.

Lindsays – 30 Incline Merkins/10 Dips, 25 Inc Merkins/15 Dips…to 10 Incline Merkins/30 Dips.

LL Cool J’s – 10 OYO

Do-ah-diddy back to basketball court

Tammy Wynettes – while playing “Stand By Your Man”

Sallys – w/ squats


Nolan Ryans – not for any musical reason, but because yesterday was his birthday, so 10/side

Final Thoughts: Today was supposed to be tough mentally, but we shouldn’t be OYO in the daily mental struggle. If you’re struggling, reach out. If you see someone struggling, reach out.

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