F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.

Let’s Circle Back

Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles

Backblast: Let’s Circle Back

Q: Bandwagon 

PAX in attendance: Fanny Pack  Foghorn  Offshore  Thumper  Birthdaysuit  POLO  Yoshi  KJV  2 former FNG’s Casing and Kobayashi and Lifeboat from Down Range Atlanta area


– SSH IC 12

– Cherry Pickers IC 12

– Windmills IC 12 


1. Bear Crawl to Cone

2. 20 Jumps with Rope

3. Jog Back To Line – while waiting complete sets of 10 Overhead Claps, and 10 Seal Claps

Get a coupon and jog over to Snack Bar Area Complete Lap Adding an Exercise Each Lap

– 12 SSH

– 12 Merkins

– 12 Squats (with coupon)

 – 12 American Hammers 

– 12 Overhead Press (with coupon)

– 12 Freddie Mercuries-

Run back and drop off coupon 

– Mt. Climbers 12 

– Hillbilly’s 12

– Peter Parker’s 12

– Hillbilly Squats 12

– Plank until 6am

COT Those who live their lives as Amateurs are those who react emotionally to their circumstances rather than deliberately engaging in the Movement required to change them.        

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