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“Fun” He Says…

“Fun” He Says…

Thanks to Kilt for Q’ing today. Here’s his Backblast…

2/4/21 The Den

3 F’s-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith
Mission Statement
Core Principles

U-Turn,Sancho,softkitty,Birdie,Waldo, Bartman⚾️, Razzmatazz,Fanny Pack, Vespa, Goose,Pikachu, Thumper, Kilt and former FNG-Tin Cup

Warmup-Danger Zone (SSH-Squat)
PAX performs side straddle hop while Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins plays in the background. Everytime the words danger zone are heard PAX does a single squat then resumes side straddle hop. 

Grady Corns (IC) x 20

Mosey across parking lot to cones
Quarter Pounder
(Cones approximately 30 yards apart)
Sprint to the 1st cone and do 25 Plankjacks
Bernie back, Sprint to the 2nd cone do 50 Lunges 
Bernie back, Sprint to the 3rd cone do 75 Monkey Humpers
Bernie back, Sprint to the 4th cone do 100 Squats
Plank for the six

Indian run to tennis courts


Q played the song “Flower” by Moby. Start with your chest on the ground. When the song says “Green Sally Up” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican up position, and “Green Sally Down” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican down position. Pax will hold the down position until the next rep. 31 reps in 3:30. 

LBCs (IC) x 20

Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear partner run
Partner #1 Bear Crawl width of Tennis Court #1 and Crawl Bear back repeating until partner returns
Partner #2 Run to Court #2 and back then to court #4 and back.

Bataan Death March

Indian Run with the last pax dropping and doing 2 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey back towards the flags. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group.

Crunchy Frogs (IC) x 10
Freddie Mercury (IC) x 20
Low Flutters (IC) x 20 
Hold last 40 seconds till time

COT-Beatdowns aren’t negative or a punishment. We gather to celebrate each other and start our days in a positive way. We use our time together to strengthen our minds, bodies and our connection to our community. I appreciate what F3 has done for me and I appreciate all of the HIMs who not only impact my life, but the countless others they serve everyday. 

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