F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
5 Core Burpees

5 Core Burpees

YHC joined by 6 other HIMs Happy MealMilesAl DavisSatchelStitchesLa Croix
5 core Burpees. Each value added 1 burpee in between
Warm-o-rama:  mosey to the coupons 

Round 1 -2
Arms    15 shoulder press
Legs         15 kettlebell swings 
Abs         15 russian twists 
Run           Run to center, touch wall and back
Merkins   15 merkins 
Run to  each corner with coupon
Round 2-4
15 curls
15 goblet squats
15 American hammers w coupon
Run to center
Pax led merkins
Keep running to each corner in between rounds
Round 5-6
15 coupon raises
16 lunges w coupon
15 Russian twists
Run to center
Pax led merkins
Return coupons

GO to bleachers 
30 dips 
30 gaspumps 

Mosey to flags
Rocky balboas until we hit time
Realized we stopped 30 seconds early
Lbcs until really time

Cot started
Q words about checking in with others

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