F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


QIC: Bartman <3
13 PAX: Kilt, Offshore, Pikachu, Hornet, Banjo, Razzmatazz, Hall Pass, Sideboob, Juice Box, Periscope, Tech Deck, Soft Kitty, & YHC

Welcome/Credo/Mission/FNG check (none)/Disclaimer

We started with an ode to a person who really influenced what I looked up to as a man while I was growing up…Abe Vigoda x14 IC

Ladder Jacks x14 IC: SSHs, Seal Jacks, Smurf Jacks, Plank Jacks, Bo Jacks (arms only while lying on your front)
Obamas: Bear Crawl 4 steps, 4 Merkins, repeat to 11s (Obama was the 44th POTUS)
Vertigo Run to trail: mosey while spinning in circles
E2K: Elbow to Knee, 20/side

Mosey to parking lot

Squerkins: PAX A holds feet & squats while PAX B does Merkins, flapjack until each does 2 rounds of 14
Howling Monkeys
ATMs: Alt shoulder taps IC, Tempo Merkins IC, then quick Merkins, x14 each
Captain Thors: BBSU & 4:1 American Hammer OYO x14
Killer Bees: Bear Crawl set distance, turn & Broad Jump doing 3 Burpees (we started @ Burps every 5 Broad Jumps, then repeated but down to every 4 Jumps, then again @ 3 Jumps)

As an call out to my M’s dream man…Hugh Jackman…Wolverines! x10

Mosey to Shovel Flags

Weezy Jeffersons IC x14

Gotta celebrate Valentines Day w/ some Flower…so we ended w/ Sally Squats

Final Thoughts: The ancient Greeks had multiple words for love. Philia is brotherly love, like we have in F3. Eros is erotic love. Agape is unconditional love. Too often, grown men mistake the feeling of love with the action of love. Eros is fleeting but Agape is a choice & the way we need to truly love our M’s.

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