F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.

Grog 2/13/21 Staples


PAX: Happy Meal Tron Satchel Ticks Silicone

0650 arrival. A little later than usual due to an unexpected, but necessary, 2nd trip to the crapper.
Happy Meal was already there, admiring his new whip while waiting, it’s pretty sick.

0700 start. Conditions: a soggy 51 degrees.

5CP, F3 Mission Statement

WoR: pickle pounders IC, monkey humpers IC.

ThAnG: Staples

Run a good distance, because running and stamina are F3 staples. Circle up in the Walmart parking lot 10 merkins IC, 20 LBC’s IC, 10 Skwats IC. Because strength and calling cadence are F3 staples. The PAX must have eaten their Wheaties and been lookin a little extra cuz we generated an audience in the distance. As we Mosey’d toward the thirsty onlookers it was clear that this was a group of Walmart higher ups. They cheered us as we ran by and I believe one of them slipped Tron her phone number.
Mosey to coupons. Rifle carry coupon to parking lot, because coupons and toughness are F3 staples. You can keep that coupon over your head a lot longer with a little mental toughness. 10 derkins IC, 10 skwats IC, 20 lbc’s IC. Mosey, 50 curls OYO. Ok, biceps are not necessarily an F3 staple, but my M likes them. Head to the hoops, suicides. Speed, yup, another staple. We did a lot more of this same stuff for another 30 minutes + burpees, dips, air dramas, and abyss merkins.

MoM: ABC’s

CoT, CoR, NoR

Picture sans Psalty filter

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