F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

HIM: Miles, Happy Meal, Satchel, Rapid, IPA, Horry, La Croix, Al Davis, Jor-El, Marky Mark, Picard, KJV, Frank The Tank, FNG-Spongebob

Mission Statement
5 Core Principles

The Thang

Mosey to center of baseball fields

The workout will be made up of the exercises you choose. 4 stations mosey to a station pick an exercise mosey to another station. If you pick the same exercise do it again the goal is to work not complete 16 exercises. If you do complete all 16 good job

Station 1
Merkins 30
Freddy Mercury 40IC
Jungle Boy 20
Bear crawl to center

Station 2
OHC 40
LBC 40
Lunges 30 1 is 1
Bear crawl to center

Station 3
Carolina Dry Docks 20
Big Boy Situps 30
Calf Raises 50
Sprint to center

Station 4
Grady Corn 40
Low flutter 40IC
Squats 40
Sprint to center

Mosey to flags

20 OHC
20 Seal claps
20 Grady Corn
20 Forward Arm Circles

30 second low plank


Everyone has a choice. Choose wisely.

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