F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
IRS: Indian Run Style… What were you thinking?

IRS: Indian Run Style… What were you thinking?

QIC: Satchel
Pax: Happy Meal ,Picard ,Jor-El ,La Croix ,Al Davis ,Rapid , Miles

F3 Mission Statement
F3’s 5 core principles

Warm o rama
Overhead Claps
Cherry Pickers

Indian run to the school

@ school

Indian run style (IRS) Hold legs up 6 inch, end man does 5 gas pumps and runs to other end of line.

IRS: Plank hold, end man 5 mercans.

IRS: Wall sit hold, end man 5 smurf jacks.

IRS: Elevated feet plank hold

IRS plank hold and raised leg hold back again.

Chinese fire drill back to site: burpees, mercans, and al gore on ‘fire’ call.

Use grassy hill:
11s: smurf jacks at top/ plank jacks at bottom
Duck walk down, broad jump up hill. (Mod down to lung walk)
Wheel of Mercans

AYG to flags

Low flutters
High flutters
Heel taps
A few Burpees

Words: Personally witnessed people in my life make choices in their lives, being the source of their own malaise. Yet they never own up to their choices, blind to their actions as the source of their troubles.

But you men got up and made a choice to be here and to build up yourself, your body, your relationship. And that is good. And that is one choice you’ve made. Make the choice everyday to be out here and be better.

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