F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Macbeth’s Revenge

Macbeth’s Revenge

11 men joined YHC today Tooth Fairy ‘88 Dome⛰ Toto Franc Al Davis Big Mac RedRyder ConAir Chuck E.

Warm-o-rama:   Mosey to the Basketball court  
The Pax lined up and completed 11’s .One side of the parking lot was Burpees (starting at 1) and Merkins  starting at 10

Mosey into the Tennis Court 
Ring around the Rosey 
 Around the Tennis courts there are pictures of workouts set up, With partner, do 1 of the workouts, then run a lap around the entire court and end at the next paper to do the workout written there. 
Rinse and repeat until you do all. 

30’s at the flags 30 step ups 30 dips 30 gas pumps 

Asked con air to close us out with Mary and he gave us butt ups

Q words about never being alone in f3. We are all here for everyone
Ball of man.

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