F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


Q – Excite Bike


Marky Mark, Frank the tank, Coleman, Purple Rain, LOL, Clove, Baby Back, Shrink, Yoshi, ExciteBike


Mosey to basketball court
10 burpees
20 merkins
30 squats
Plank for 6

Mosey around park
Pick up logs and buckets from truck

Mosey to trail
Squats w hill Billy’s for the six at trailhead. SWAP

Mosey up trail towards scarborough
Pause for 6 with planks SWAP

Mosey toward toward Scarborough
At base of hill 15 overhead press, then all you got to top of hill. Algore while you wait and for 6. RINSE AND REPEAT

Mosey to Claudio
Everyone carries bucket or log to top and bottom of Claudio
While you wait…
100 mountain climbers
50 merkins
20 burpees

Al Gore for the 6

Mosey toward flags
Drop off buckets and log

Freddie Mercuries
Big Boy sit ups
Planks w Superman’s

Count a Rama
Name a Rama
Circle of trust


Willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions, admitting when we are wrong.

Accountable to God, accountable to our Ms and 2.0, accountable to our F3 brothers, accountable to myself, challenging myself to get better at whatever I do.

Being honest, transparent, fully owning everything that happens in your life.

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