F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Wait!!?? We’re not just walking??

Wait!!?? We’re not just walking??

QIC: ConAir

Pax in Attendance:

Fanny Pack, Foghorn, Bandwagon, Hall Pass, ’88, Rapid, Happy Meal, Bam Bam, Package, Possum, Singlet, KJV, Bilbo, Toto, Dinghy, Dome, Tech Deck, Vespa, Chuck E., Tooth Fairy, Bambino, Sideboob, and Former FNG: Chicken Little

Welcome to the launch of THE FORGE

Circle Up:

  • Forward Arm Circles (F3 Five Core Principles)
  • Reverse Arm Circles (Disclaimer)
  • AO Launch Jitters caused YHC to forget to mention F3 Mission Statement: “To Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

The Thang:

  • .5 Mile Ruck
  • “Rucks Off” called, Pax could be heard grumbling “Wait!!?? We’re not just walking the whole time?”
  • Out & Backs 25yrds 10-20-30’s
    • Round 1
      • Ruck Cusack Out
      • Ruck Lunge Walk OH Back
      • 10 – Ruckees (Ruck-Off Burpees)
      • 20 – Merkins Alternating Ruck Under Pull
      • 30 – Ruck Swings
    • Round 2
      • Ruck-On Bear Crawl Out
      • Ruck-On Crawl Bear Backound
      • 10-Ruck-On Burpees
      • 20-Ruck-On Get-Ups (10 ea. Side)
      • 30-Ruck-On Squats
    • Round 3
      • Ruck High Pull Hold Out
      • Ruck Shoulder Carry Back
      • 10-Ruck Clean and Press
      • 20-Ruck Tricep Extensions
      • 30-Single Arm Snatch (15 ea. Side)
  • .5 Mile Ruck w/loop around Pavilion for the 6
  • YHC’s shoulders screaming at me from the 35 lbs snatches

4 Minutes of Mary:

  • 10 Ruck Vertical OH Big Boi’s (OYO)
  • Heavy Low Flutters (IC)

Time Called


  • Count-A-Rama
  • Name-A-Rama
  • Announcements
  • Name Former FNG: Chicken Little
  • Ball of Man

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