F3 Gold Rush
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Just Win Baby

Just Win Baby

Big Thanks to all who came out today! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for F3 and all the support today and since I started six weeks ago.

QIC: ?‍☠️Al Davis ?
PAX: (22 Total) – Happy Meal‘88TotoMilesLa CroixBig MacFrancCliff HangerChuck E.IpaLZBam BamZestHall PassHorryPicardTicksPlungerTooth FairyStitchesPikachu


Opening Prayer

Monkey Humpers – IC x 10
SSH – IC x 15
Cherry Pickers – IC x 10
Hillbillies – IC x 12
Motivators – 8 count

The Thang:
Indian Run to get coupons
Mosey w/ coupons to lighted parking lot

11’s w/ partner
Lunges 2:1

Coupon Dora 50’s w/ same partners
50 Curls
50 Overhead Press
50 Squats
Partner will mosey around parking lot island.

Coupon Mosey to return coupons
Mosey to Snack Bar

AYG Sprint – 50 yards then mosey to flags

Lincoln Logs w/ partners – 4 sets
7 / 5 merkins x 2 sets
5 / 3 merkins x 2 sets

Count-o-rama: 22

Circle of Trust:

G3 – Three words have been on my heart for the past month shortly after becoming apart of F3.
Accepting Grace leads to a heart of Gratitude which leads to Generosity from the heart! Taking time daily to recognize the blessings in our lives will help spark the discipline of gratitude, and over time will start to happen more naturally. Gratitude helps me see GOD’s Grace that’s always all around us. Let’s continue to build F3 by growing in Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity for our families, our F3 brothers, and our communities.
(Well the message didn’t come out quite like this, but this is what I was getting at.)??‍♂️

Closing prayer
Group Picture

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