F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Dora’s Fantastic Flight

Dora’s Fantastic Flight

BackBlast: 15 PAX today in crisp morning…whoops, nope, now it’s raining.

PAX: BaNjO. Razzmatazz. Spirit Fingers. (Respect!), softkitty. Goose, Arco (needs to get on here), Birdie. Tech Deck. Thumper. juice box. Chamomile. Floss, Kilt, former FNG now F3 Coin Purse, & YHC/QIC.

Welcome/Credo/Mission/FNG check & Disclaimer

5 Core Burpees

WOR, IC x20: Don Quixotes, Grady Corns, Hairy Rockettes

Motivators, from 8

The Thang: Dora’s Fantastic Flight
BLIMPS done Dora-style: 50 Burpees, 100 Lunges, 150 Imperial Walkers, 200 Merkins, 250 Plank Jacks, 300 Squats

6MOM: Dying Cockroaches IC x 26, Cockroach Resurrection IC x 10, Freddie Mercurys IC x 20, Alphabet (& TClaps to Kilt for making everyone slow down, ya cheaters), Nolan Ryans IC x 10 each side

COT & Final Thoughts: “Love is bigger than anything in its way.” — Bono

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