F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious



Warm o Rama
SSH x 15 IC
Forward arm circles x 15 IC
Reverse arm circles x 15 IC
Cherry pickers x 15 IC

Mosey to tennis courts
Follow the leader along the lines doing
Karaoke, side shuffle, Bernie Sanders
Both sides of the courts
Line up – sprint to one side, repeat

Mosey to the coupons
Mosey to the snack bar (center of 4 BB fields)

Quad Sevens:
Split up and pick a corner
Do a seven at each corner (like 11s)
Start with 6 reps of the exercise at the corner, then run with your coupon to the snack bar/center and do 1 rep, run with the coupon back, all the way through to 7 reps at each end.
Rotate clockwise to the next corner and repeat with that exercise.
Corners: burpees, Big boy sit-ups, squats (with coupon) and merkins

Mosey to picnic table area
Partner up
20 dips
Box jump until dips complete
Repeat 3 times

Bears and blocks to return the coupons:
15 curls with coupon
Bear crawl
15 shoulder press with coupon
Bear crawl
15 rows with coupon
Walking Lunges
Repeat 2x

Return coupons and mosey to flags

Freddie mercuriesx15 IC
Low fluttersx15 IC
High dollies x 15 IC


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