F3 Gold Rush
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Glory and Grace

Glory and Grace

14 HIM joined me this morning to accelerate. Thanks for pushing yourselves and me!
Q: Bandwagon
PAX: Excite BikeFanny Pack Foghorn Tri-tip MarkyMark KJV
CHONG Jet-Puffed Pikachu Mudslide Yoshi Toro Happy Meal Birthdaysuit
Mission Statement/ 5 Core Principles and Disclaimer

– SSH/Carioca Jacks/Power Jacks – 5 each IC
– Windmills IC
– Jump Rope x 50 OYO

Modified Deck of Cards – 2 teams same 10 cards racing against each other. Losing team Bear Crawl’d sideline to sideline.

Mosey Lap to Pull-Up Bars
On the way Stop and do Mt. Climbers IC
– Everyone do AMRAP of pull-ups, while waiting do plank jacks.

Indian Run to Interval Stations

2 rounds:
Interval 80 M sprints: tempo change at each cone, finishing at maximum speed, for wait for the 6.

Complete 10 Cooperhead IC squats, than mosey to tables for 10 double step-ups and 10 Dips IC, 10 Derkins and 10 incline merkins Up/Down Cadence.

Freddy Mercury’s IC

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.

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