F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
Grow in the valley

Grow in the valley

QIC: Fanny Pack
PAX: 13
Mileage: 3.2 +/-

Yoshi , Sue , Animal Style , Excite Bike , Toro , Quiver , Pikachu , Jumpstart , Spirit Fingers , Jet-Puffed , Foghorn , Bandwagon , Fanny Pack

F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith

Mission statement: Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

Five Core Principles
*Open to all men
*Free of charge
*Held outdoors, regardless of weather
*Led by a peer in rotating fashion, with no license or certification required
*Ends in CoT

Disclaimer – modify as needed to prevent injury, not to avoid growth

Mosey to Casa Roble

Halt at Pull up bars
Morning call: PAX plank while four PAX does 5 pullups, then join plank line
One cycle through PAX

Mosey to football field
1st and 10 (11’s on a football field)
*Bear crawl 10 yards, 1 Merkin, 10 Jungle Boi Squats; Crawl Bear back 10 yards, Sprint to opposite goal line (100 yards)
*Mosey to 20 yard line, 2 Merks, 9 JBS, Crawl Bear back 10 yards, Sprint to goal line (90 yards)
*Mosey to 30 yard line, 3 Merks, 8 JBS, Crawl Bear back 10 yards, Sprint to goal line (80 yards
Continue until 10 Merks and 1 JBS

Indian Run one lap recovery
AYG 50 yard sprint to finish line

Mosey to stadium stairs
5 laps of stairs
Plank for the six

Mosey to pull-up bars
First four PAX, 3 pullups
Others SSH
One cycle through PAX

Mosey to flags


*MudGear order closes Feb 8
*Feb 13 Excite Bike coordinating athletic clothing giveaway

*Yoshi has loved ones facing trials
*Excite Bike neighbor had cancer come back

OG Ball of Man

Prayed out

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