F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.


Pax: FoghornBandwagonSueTop40Mudslide Samsonite Spirit FingersJumpstartCloveLOLExcite BikeSHRINKAGE-100#ColemanYoshiQuiverBirthdaysuitTri-tipFanny Pack
Q: Happy Meal

Mission Statement

“Warm Up”
Add exercise and reps listed after each round:
SSH (ic): 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Low Flutters (shoulders up) (ic): 10, 10, 10, 10
Goofballs (ic): 15, 15, 15
LBC’s (shoulders up) (ic): 20, 20
Burpees (oyo): 25

The Work
Indian Run to opposite side of the park

Morning Call @ the park
2 pax doing pull ups (5ct for each before moving on)
2 pax holding plank @ spinning chair (spin the chair while in plank)
2 pax doing step ups on curb
Remaining pax doing Bear crawl around train tracks
Pull ups move to bear crawl; bear crawl move to plank; plank move to step ups; step ups move to pull up.
All pax completed the exercises, but learning note, took too long to explain and was too complicate a sequence… KISS

Bataan death march to the skate park. 6 does two plank jacks before running to the front. Pax does a variety of shoulder exercises while running.

11’s at the Skate Park
10 Superman’s on one side of the park
Bear Crawl to opposite side of the park
Mosey back to the start
R&R, w/ Superman’s working down by one rep and SSH working up by one rep each round until ending with 1 Superman and 10 SSH
*Crowd Pleaser

Plank Twists (ic)

Mission Statement
5 Core Principles
CoT: Count O Rama, Name O Rama
Words from the Q: Be mindful of perspectives. Your Truth, is not necessarily the same truth as those around you. When you feel absolutely certain about your Truth, allow for and recognize that others around you may be experiencing a situation from a different perspective and their Truth of the situation may be different.

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