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You Think Playgrounds are Fun?

You Think Playgrounds are Fun?

Q: Coleman

15 Pax in attendance:

5 Core Principles
(10) Inch Worms – Civilian Cadence
(20) Side Straddle Hops – In Cadence
Do-ah-Ditty Burpees to Breen Park
Dora 111 – w/ a partner
Partner bear crawls up & crab walks down play structure
(100) – Pull-ups
(100) – Box Jumps
(100) – Derkins
Partner Run to Coupons, with some “get to know you” questions
Colt 45s (Curls) w/Coupons – civilian cadence
(20) LBCs w/coupons – In cadence
(10) Man Maker Merkins – OYO
(20) Upright Rows – OYO
Return Coupons, then mosey back to Flags
Patty Cake Planks until Q got tired
(10) Nolan Ryans per side – in cadence

COT message: Attitude:
The power of life & death is in the tongue. Replace negative thoughts with positive words this week when you’re tempted to be negative!

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