F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
’88 mph to the Top

’88 mph to the Top

Q 041321 Summit
QIC: ’88
PAX: 17
Singlet ExciteBike ConAir Clove Thumper Daisy Laurie
Psalty softkitty BaNjO Schwartz Tech Deck Toro Spirit Fingers ChooChoo LZ, ‘88

Mosey to north parking deck bottom floor
Bag the summit Paula Abdul style
2 floors up via stairs.
1 floor down via ramp mosey
To the top
At top
100 SSH & 100 squats
Mosey down the ramps to bottom
Planks and LBCs for the six

Mosey behind fire station to Miners Ravine Trl
Laurie at front as pace runner

Stop at park stairs/ramp run up figure 8

Indian run to 3rd grass field
Chose Daisy to call cadence for second set. He did great!
10 monkey humpers
10 rosalitas

Mosey back to Town Square
E2K 10 each side IC
Heel Taps IC 10
10 Big Boy Sit ups

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