F3 Gold Rush
Plant. Grow. Serve.
The 6

The 6

Thanks for showing up and putting in the work HIM!

17 HIM
PAX: DilbertBig MacMixTapeHappy MealFrancPlungerLa CroixCaptain HookPicardSideboobHorryMcFlyBam BamAl DavisGift wrap PonyTail-FNG
QIC: Miles (VQ)

5 core principles

Cherry Pickers-IC 15

Indian Run Sack Carry #1
All 3 Ss (Strength, Speed, & Stamina)
2 lines
Sprint to front with 40lb sac drop for next guy in back to pick up.

To front of School

Scene 1: stamina workout
Rocky Balboas-IC 25
Wheel of Merkins-OYO 4 sets
Al Gore for the 6
Gas Pumps-IC 25
Ballerina Toe Squats-IC 25

Indian Run Sack Carry #2 (All 3 Ss)

To Coupons
Move to playground

Scene 2: strength workout
Top Gun
10 curls
10 rows
10 deadlifts
10 shoulder press
10 squats
Run to center AYG
Repeat Top Gun set #2

Replace coupon

Indian Run Sack Carry #3 (all 3 Ss)

To next parking lot

Scene 3: speed workout
Motivators-IC 8-1

Indian Run Sack Carry #4 (all 3 Ss)

To flags

High Plank 1 min
Back Plank 1 min
Plank Jacks-IC 25
Crab Jacks-IC 25
LBCs-IC 20


Goal: 3S2T


Lessons learned from joining F3
The meaning of the 6-person behind; backside
There is an obvious workout 6, we have all been there.
We need to keep encouraging them. However, F3 is more than a workout. Each morning there is an:
Emotional 6
Social 6
Financial 6
Spiritual 6
And the 6 that has not shown up yet!
Let’s make sure that we connecting to encourage the not so obvious 6s as well!

Ball of Man-prayer

Name FNG – Pony Tail EH’d by Dilbert


Thanks for showing up to my VQ! It was an honor to grow with each of you.
Keep showing up!

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