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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

15 total today decided to make the commitment to Hilltop SHRINK ExciteBike Coleman Clove DrumStick LOL Yoshi MarkyMark Frank The Tank Daisy CHONG Jet-Puffed BabyBack ChooChoo joined QIC for a fun filled morning

615 5 burpees to get attention
Mosey to rocks and pick up 2
Eagle wings
Mosey to Claudio 1 more set of eagle wings and failure to launch squats

Lunge walk up Claudio with your rocks x2

Mosey back to bball court at Crab
7 of Diamonds abbreviated
7 burpees( with stones)
7 jungle boys
7 renegade merkins
Mosey to benches
30 dips
30 gas pumps
30 step ups

Mosey to flags
Big Boys

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